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Hi guys!This is Gopika.GS.Iam doing my bachelors in English language and literature.I prefer expressing myself through the medium of letters and hence created this blog.Poetry writing has turned out be my greatest passion.And so will try that.Iam still not sure about my poems.But will definitely give out a try.So please bear with me.

Trying to explore the unconquerable world of letters!


The phone rang at midnight giving a sceptical sign.Murmuring to herself she picked up the phone to hear the sudden demise of her maternal umcle who was all she had throughout her childhood.Her son with a sleepy tone enquired, “Who is it mom?”…Its your grandma.My uncle is no more it seems. I wonder why she made the call at this time, disrupting my sleep.She could have conveyed the news in the morning. Lets get back to sleep”.

       “But mom, he is your uncle who took care of you the most and you are least bothered?”

       “Who said I’m not bothered? Just that I have to get prepared for the ‘function’ oops, ‘funeral’ and moreover its too late now.The whole lot of the family will be present for the funeral and I have to be at my best”.

         Saying this, she opened her cupboard to find an array of silk sarees piled up and picked up the costliest one from among them for the funeral.Then opened her jewellery case to find a perfect match for her arresting red coloured silk saree.With a deep sense of satisfaction on having found the right choice of jewels, she pulled up her blanket and slipped back to sleep only to dream of showing her pompous self for the next day’s so called FUN-ERAL of her dearest uncle.

I always come up with poems and this time for a change its a short story.

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